Academics | Teaching Methods and experiential learning
The evolving educational environment at B.K. Birla Public School, Kalyan offers tremendous opportunities for applying creativity and innovation in the teaching learning process.

  • Regular field trips and educational tours are arranged in every subject to get a thorough and in depth learning experience.
  • Theme based teaching and celebration of color days; object talk, puppet show, role play etc. are a regular part of the curriculum in the pre- primary section so that children learn by play-way technique.
  • Online tests are arranged for the secondary students after every chapter so that the students revise the lessons on time.
  • IT enabled classrooms help students to understand the concepts and engages the learners.
  • Theme based Class Presentation is organized for pre-primary and primary section to ensure participation of each and every child by providing an opportunity to share the stage.
  • Students participate in various activities throughout the year based on the annual theme and get a thorough understanding of the concept of the theme.
  • Video conferencing and flip classes are used to aid learning using technology wherein the students can learn few topics from home.
  • Establishing global connections: Students learn through collaborative projects and sessions with students of other schools of various countries throughSkype sessions, emails and surveys thus enabling rich cultural exchange.
  • Providing opportunity to the students through projects, workshops, seminar, counseling sessions, expert talks, etc which really help the students to develop their interactive skills and helps them to get an in-depth insight of the topic.
  • A variety of innovative methods of teaching like- QAXP, 3Stay 1Stray, Think-Pair-Share, Jigsaw method, Concept attainment method, etc. are used by the teachers offering interactive and enjoyable situations in the classroom for learning.
  • International days are celebrated and activities with a global perspective are integrated with regular classroom teaching. It helps to develop a feeling of universal brotherhood among the students.
  • The school has its own Science Park for hands on experience of scientific applications.