About us | School’s Philosophy about learning
Our philosophy about learning
According to Dr. Sarala Birla, “Education is a meaningless ritual unless it moulds the character of students and imparts in them strong sense of values”. The School strongly believes in her philosophy that the students have to be developed in all aspects to build a unique nation. Students should grow into responsible and confident global citizens, who know to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Student-centered learning
All our learning activities centre around students. We ensure that students are active participants in the learning process and eventually we mould them to take ownership of the learning. We attempt to attain this by providing a wide range of interconnected learning opportunities that help children discover and develop their strengths.

A stress-free environment fosters learning
We firmly believe that maximum learning happens when the mind is fearless, and therefore, we take utmost care that children feel safe and stress-free in the school. A play-based active learning environment is created by the friendly staff members which enables children to enjoy the enriching learning experiences.

Collaborations and team work
Children learn best when they learn together. A lot of collaborative projects and group projects are given to the students . These projects help in developing the art of organisation, taking initiatives and vital skills like critical thinking, problem solving, etc.

The right blend of scholastic and co-scholastic activities ensures holistic development
BSK ensures that the enriching educational curriculum with the blend of co-curricular activities provide the much needed academic rigour and the opportunities for developing skills in the children.

Partnering with parents yields better learning outcomes
We firmly believe that parents are the important link between the student teacher and the learning process. We therefore ensure that parents form an integral part of all our educational initiatives.