Beyond Academics | Clubs
Club activities are one of the many ways in which we seek to encourage students to pursue areas of their interest. To bring out the hidden talents of our children we have a wide range of club activities.

Creative activities like making greeting cards, paper lanterns, decorative items, wall hangings, making articles from ‘best out of waste’ are taught to the students. Children are also taught to prepare easy snacks and stitching which would help them in their day to day life. Children take great pleasure in designing articles for display. The objective of the club is to develop creativity in the child the focus being ‘Thinking out of the box’.

Speech is the image of actions. Oratorical club teachers plan and conduct activities such as self-introduction, speech, just a minute, skit and extempore to develop the child’s confidence. These activities are well planned according to the level of the child. Children are asked to focus on voice modulation, eye contact, body language and content in their presentations.

The Dramatic club encourages the students to express their views and opinions by role plays, dialogues, skits etc. The inherent dramatics talent in the students is nurtured by the teachers. They are trained to display a variety of emotions and various characters. Skits on feelings of flood affected people of Uttarakhand, positive impact the elderly have in the family, saving the girl child etc were some of the performances done by the dramatic club students.

Nature club works towards the thoughts that come straight from our heart making our brain work purposely towards a green future. The Club conducted various visits, lectures, poster making competitions. A school survey on save fuels was conducted. Nature club makes an effort to bring a positive change in the students to make the world a safer, green and a brighter place to live in.

Fine art club fosters and develops the creative and artistic skill among the students. Children are taught sketching, drawing and various painting techniques, batik designing, fabric painting, shading and understanding tonal value of each color .Craft activities such as diya painting and making paper flowers were also conducted. Fine art club aims to awaken the aesthetic skills of our children.

The main aim of gardening club is to make the students understand the importance of gardening. A variety of activities were conducted for the students. A survey was conducted, where the students went around the school and counted the number of trees and also noted the names of the trees.

Reading club is a platform where students enhance their reading skills, vocabulary. Session on Newspaper reading and Phonetics are conducted. Our club teachers encourage the students to read more and more books with proper pronunciation, intonations and pause. Students were asked to share their views after reading a book to enhance their effective communication skills.

Health and wellness club focuses on the overall wellbeing of the child. The children were guided about diet plan, concept of BMR, Stretching exercises. Guest lectures were held to guide the students about health issues. To keep them fit and active they were encouraged to participate in different games.

Maths club helps the students to develop their thinking, logical and reasoning skills through various activities, games, puzzles and model making. Easy methods of multiplication using Vedic Maths was also taught.

The Science Club CREST provides a platform to young minds to explore their surroundings and know the HOWS & WHYS of various phenomena. The first half of this academic year was based on the theme for this year – GO GREEN, where various activities such as eco journalists, role plays, documentaries on endangered species were shown. The second session included activities like fun with magnets, floating pins and sound related games. Informative sessions on role of hormones, detection and treatment of cancer were held.

“Riyaz club” provides a platform for upcoming talent in music. Teachers train the students in different forms of music such as Gazals, Bhajans, Light music, Patriotic songs. Students are taught the basic knowledge of swar. Riyas club student participate in various inter school competition and have also bagged the prizes. They also contribute in all the school functions.

Music is the magical gift that we must nourish and cultivate in our children. Harmony club focuses on teaching the students to play various instruments like tabla, Guitar and keyboard.

The Quiz club at B.K. Birla Public School aims to expand general awareness and hone the skill of drawing rational inferences. It intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interest and curiosity to collect information related to different fields and aspects of life. Facts related to general knowledge and information related to current affairs of national and international importance is also imparted to the students.

The club aims to promote knowledge of information technology. It is a unique forum to exchange knowledge and stay abreast of the latest trends in the field of technology. Domains like web designing and basics of animation are taught through various activities in the IT club.

The TED Ed Club helps to foster creativity and offers flexible programs that helps children present their thoughts and ideas in the most innovative way in the format of TED talks.