About us | International Policy
The management, staff and other stake holders strongly believe that:-
  • Students should be made to learn and think rationally beyond the boundaries of regions, states, languages, religions and nations as this is the only way to grow globally.
  • It is our prime responsibility to expand our vision for providing global dimensions to our curriculum. It will help the students to place themselves in this ever changing world very strongly and comfortably.

To enable our students :-
  • Understand and respect the diverse cultures, languages, economies, social values and beliefs of other countries.
  • Get global exposure for sharing the rich culture, heritage and high values represented by their nation and its people.
  • Learn and work in collaboration for achieving shared goals.
  • Learn and implement the best practices followed by others.

  • To create awareness about international policy among all the stakeholders.
  • To implement it effectively to gradually change the mindset of all the stakeholders.
  • To expand our partnership by adding more schools situated in various countries.
  • To integrate international policy with the curriculum design for appropriate planning of curricular activities.
  • To regularly upgrade and update the technology resources for better collaboration.