Parents’ Engagement | PTA
The School has an active PTA. Regular PTA meetings are held in the school. Important decisions regarding changes in school timing, uniform, fees etc. are discussed and implemented accordingly. The suggestions and feedback help us to improvise in different areas which ensure better functioning of the school. Parents are also involved in the admission process to ensure transparency.

PTA members for the Year 2021-22

Sr. No. Parents Name STD / DIV
1 Ms.Saanvi Kalani I
2 Ms.Bhavana Nikumbh III
3 Ms.Simran Lakhani IV
4 Ms.Pragati Manek V
5 Ms.Pooja Ladkani VI
6 Ms.Deepa Sukhwani VII
7 Ms.Archana Jha VII
8 Ms.Tripti Mahapatra VIII
9 Dr.Ashwin Kakkar IX
10 Ms.Kritika Chugh X
11 Ms.Laxmi Khare XII