Welcome to B.K. Birla Public School, Kalyan
Our Mission
We at B.K. Birla Public School, Kalyan strive to provide our students the best opportunities for enhancing their inherent and acquired potentials...
Our Vision
B.K. Birla Public School envisions being the best school to produce self-motivated lifelong learners who will be dynamic and proactive leaders in their chosen fields.
Birthday Wishes
  • Sourabh Bansod
    (X C)
"Remember, doing just your duty is not enough. It should be accompanied by a mind with no selfishness. The periphery which restricts Karma is clearly defined. Action which is performed according to these rules can be considered as yajna. The rest is wrong action."
Syt. G. D. Birla
|| कृष्णं वन्दे जगद् गुरुम् ||
Thought for the Day
  • Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable
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